September 15, 2007

Bookmark Printing

Bookmark printing is a marketing tool that allows you to put yourself in your customer's view literally every time they open a book! Creating a bookmark and acquiring a full printing is no more difficult than drawing up flyers and much less expensive per piece.

By including information on your bookmark that will serve as a reference to your customers will encourage them to hold on to your piece of advertising. For example, include a calendar for the coming year with a New Years' marketing bookmark and perhaps your customer will hold onto your bookmark for the rest of the year. On one side of the bookmark, print the calendar. On the other side, print all of the information your customer will need to find you including a street address, website URL, phone number, hours of operation, and email address. As an added bonus, you may choose to print a coupon code for them to enter in and get an extra percentage or fixed dollar discount for a purchase of a certain amount.

Use the reference material on your bookmark printing as a way to promote your product. For example, if you own a hardware store then you may choose a measurement conversion chart for your bookmark printing. In the same way, a conversion chart for cooking may be of use if you sell cooking supplies or recipe subscriptions. If you offered subscriptions to a dieting service, then calorie listings for various foods or the number of calories burned for specific activities would go well on your book mark. Or perhaps you prefer to list URL addresses for resources that would benefit your customers, offering advertising to complementary businesses and perhaps even earning a bit of money from these same businesses to pay for your bookmark printing entirely!

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