November 10, 2007

Using Booklet Printer Software for your Booklet Printing Needs

Booklet printing is different from printing other types of documents in that booklets are meant to be read in folded form and, therefore, the booklet printer must be able to place the images and text in such a way that they will make sense when the booklet is folded and bound. Professional booklet printer companies are often an option when you need booklet printing in bulk. However, the most common need for booklet printing occurs for smaller uses, such as for inclusion with information packets and for dispersal at trade shows and other events. In this case, it is often more cost effective to use booklet printer software. Booklet printer software has come a long way in the last several years, and it is now possible to perform high quality professional booklet printing from an average desktop PC. This article will review one of the many booklet printing software packages available.

Clickbook booklet printer software from Blue Squirrel, Inc is a fully functional booklet printing suite for Microsoft Windows based PCs. Clickbook does not require any special equipment and can perform high quality booklet printing using a standard inkjet or laser printer. Clickbook software allows users to perform booklet printing using any standard sized paper and has optimization logic that allows the user to use the booklet printer to print booklets using the least amount of paper possible. Clickbook software comes with a number of other features that are very helpful for booklet printing. The software is reasonably priced. More information is available on their web site at

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