November 5, 2007

The Importance of Creating a Printed Product Sheet for your Hi-Tech Products

A printed product sheet is necessary for almost all products, but it is particularly important for high tech products and components that have a large number of technical components that must be communicated to the potential buyer. For instance, a typical computer component must let the customer know of such details as environmental tolerances (maximum operating temperature, humidity considerations, etc.), power consumption, inputs and outputs, and other technical minutia that are necessary but not likely to be selling points. A printed product sheet includes these extra details and should be combined with a product brochure or leaflet that serves as the initial attention getter.

A good printed data sheet serves both a marketing and information purpose. Since anyone who is reading a printed product sheet has already expressed an interest in the product, a printed product sheet should seek to hold the reader's attention by going into detail about the product's functioning. A typical product data sheet opens with textual and graphical information that describes the detailed operation of the product and might also contain paragraphs that describe potential uses of the product. The opening of the printed product sheet can also include detailed charts and graphs that give the reader information about the product's operation. The final part of the printed data sheet should list all of the important technical specifications, typically in tabular format.

A printed product sheet is useful for communicating necessary information to the customer that is not normally presented in an advertisement. It is the second level of communication with the customer, and the printed product sheet is often the decision maker for the consumer.

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