August 31, 2007

Showcase your Business Using Full Color Business Stationary

Stationary has the, often deserved, reputation as being a necessary evil in modern printed business communications. No business can afford to go without full color stationary since their competitors have it, but few companies are using their business stationary to its full potential. When corresponding with current and potential clients, the first thing they notice is the business stationary on which the document was printed, and full color stationary is particularly noticed since the judicious use of color can often reinforce the goals of the company and the content of the message.

Obtaining full color stationary used to mean entering into a contract with a printing firm. However, thanks to the miracle of modern computing, it is now possible for companies to print their own business stationary using relatively inexpensive desktop computers and ubiquitous word processing software. Laser and inkjet color printers are well within the budget of almost all companies, and they are perfectly capable of producing quality full color business stationary. The Microsoft Word business document suite was designed to allow the user to print documents using custom business stationary.

With the rise of the internet, more and more customer communication is taking place via email. Email messages used to consist entirely of ASCII text, which precluded the use of business stationary in electronic messages. However, modern email programs can interpret a number of character encoding schemes and most also support HTML messages. Therefore, it is possible to include full color stationary in email documents as well as printed correspondence.

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