July 10, 2007

Custom Letterhead Printing

Custom letterhead printing is simple to do and goes a long way toward establishing your business as a bona fide competitor in your industry. When you print your logo on top of your letterhead and use it for all of your correspondence, you are unobtrusively advertising your business and services. Every little bit helps!

Creating your own custom letterhead online is as easy as clicking through the step by step guides on the website. Templates are available with a ton of choices including colors, fonts, sizes, and placement of your logo. The website tutorial will walk you through your choices. Most sites have hundreds of colors and logo shapes and fonts to choose from. With your unique preferences, you will be able to create a one of a kind letterhead.

When it comes to custom letterhead printing, make as many copies as you like. The more you have on hand, the more you'll use it. Whether your correspondence is personal or professionally, use your letterhead. Download a copy of the letterhead and create an email stationery that displays it and use it for all your email correspondence. The more often people see your logo, the more likely they are to respond to it as the mark of a professional business.

The logo you use for your letterhead printing isn't just for letterhead. Use it on business cards and address labels, as well. Put it on t shirts, hats, Frisbees, book bags, pens, pencils, pins, patches, stickers, erasers, key chains. Anything and everything that you can pass out to keep your name in the minds of those who need your services or products that's where your letterhead needs to be. Have fun with it and use these new goodies to spread the word about your company far and wide.

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