June 27, 2007

How to Create Quality Office Stationary for Your Small Business

Office stationary is a necessity in today's world. Since customers have become accustomed to receiving correspondence on custom office stationary, any small business that sends letters using only white paper runs the risk of being taken lightly. Fortunately, advances in computer technology as well as the widespread availability of low cost yet high quality personal computer color printers have created an environment where small businesses can create their own office stationary without having to spend the large amounts of money required to hire the services of a graphic designer or professional print shop.

Most businesses, whether large or small, use the Microsoft Office Suite of software products for their day to day business needs. With the rise of open source software, there are also free business software packages available that mimic the functionality of the Microsoft Office Suite, though there is no standard support with these products and they typically lag behind in features. However, regardless of what business software you use, it is fairly ease to create professional looking office stationary.

Most word processing programs allow you to create office stationary using templates. Templates are documents that are preformatted. An example of simple office stationary created using office software is a blank page with company contact information in the header and perhaps the footer, and a transparent corporate logo as a watermark. Whenever you create a document using the template, it will automatically include the office stationary you designed. The document should be printed on a color printer when finished.

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