April 19, 2007

Letterhead Logo - Designing an Original

A letterhead logo is a design that is custom to you or your business. You can design the logo yourself by using a graphics program on the computer, draw it by hand, use a photograph that is original or have a logo design company do it for you. When using the letterhead logo for personal use, it is not necessary for it to be original and there are lots of clip art programs that have logo designs. If you plan to use the letterhead logo for business it must be an original design and not be copyrighted.

When designing a letterhead logo, you must make sure the design conveys what you want said about your company and you need to make sure that the letterhead logo is not too big or busy. You will also want to decide if you want a photograph, a line drawing or an abstract graphic for your letterhead logo. Though a photograph looks professional, it will cost more to print your letterhead logo than if you use a line drawing or abstract graphic. When using a photograph for your letterhead logo try to stick with images that are not too busy, and also make sure the photograph will be clear if scaled down in size.

If choosing to use a line drawing or abstract graphic, you want to choose either color or black and white. With a color letterhead logo, you have the options of a solid color or multi-colored letterhead logo. Whether you choose a solid color design for your letterhead logo or a multicolored design, make sure the actual design will look good with the type of color you choose.

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