January 11, 2007

How to Print Letterhead on Your Own Personal Computer

In the past obtaining letterhead meant contracting with a professional print company and graphic artists to design and print your letterhead. Now it is possible to design and print letterhead from a standard computer using commercial off the shelf printing technology. Most common office word processing programs have built in utilities that facilitate the design and use of letterhead. After creation, it is possible to print letterhead on blank paper for later inclusion in documents or the print letterhead template can be used as the background of the document. In the latter case, the letterhead does not have to be printed on a blank piece of paper. Rather, the letterhead will be part of the finished document and will appear when the final draft is printed.

Before you can print letterhead for use in your personal and business correspondence, it is first necessary to design the letterhead. Most word processing programs allow the use of document templates. Templates are patterns that serve as the background of future documents. Creating a template typically involves creating a custom document header, document footer and, if desired, a watermark logo. The template can be loaded at the beginning of document creation and, after the document is created, the printed final product will include both the message and letterhead.

After creating the letterhead and document, it is easy to print it. Most common desktop printers are capable of printing in full color with professional quality. Therefore, it is quite possible for the small business to print letterhead that is professional quality using their own equipment.

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