August 20, 2006

Create a Tri Fold Brochure on your Desktop PC

In the past, when a company needed to create a tri fold brochure, they had to take the job to a specialized print shop which required an unwelcome expenditure of time, money, and effort. It is now possible to create a high quality, professional looking tri fold brochure using common office software and standard desktop printers thereby removing the need to have your tri fold brochure printed at an expensive print shop.

The Microsoft Office Suite is the most popular business computer software in the world and is used by almost all companies. The flagship of the Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Office Word, has functionality included that makes it simple to create a tri fold brochure. To help with your tri fold brochure design, it is possible to download a sample tri fold brochure template from the internet to help you get started.

The first thing to consider when creating a tri fold brochure is how it should be folded. The two common folding types are the accordion fold and the roll fold. Once you have decided on the folding method, set up your margins and columns using the page setup option in Microsoft Word. You want the spacing between the columns to be double the margins to keep each column centered when the paper is folded. After you have setup the page, it is time to add your pictures and text. That's it–your tri fold brochure is complete. If you used a tri fold brochure template, it is courteous to send the tri fold brochure template creator a thank you email.

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