August 7, 2006

Designing Your Own Logo and Stationery

If you want your mailings and letters to stand out above the rest, you should consider creating your own logo and stationery for your business and personal needs. It is a creative way to show people that youre someone who rises above with creativity and class. You can choose to use color letterhead or black and white. The style also may vary, depending on what you are using the stationery for.
Your business logo and stationery should obviously be different than your personal. When thinking about designing your letterhead, you might want to stay away from a color letterhead, unless you are a creative business. If you do more professional and traditional business services, a black and white letterhead would be more appropriate. You can choose to design your own logo or you can have a graphic artist do it for you. Often times you can get programs on your computer that will help you design your own.

When it comes to personal logo and stationery choices, anything goes! Often families will get an artist to design their family logo and use it for all occasions, including invitations to friends, holiday cards, and other mailing occasions. This is a neat way to connect your family and to personalize each mailing you place in the mailbox. Your friends will likely love your creativity so much they will want their own customized logo and stationery. That is when you can choose to reveal who helped you create it, or keep the secret all to yourself!

Overall, having your own logo and stationery is a great idea. It is usually not very expensive to have your own created or to do it yourself. The most expensive part is getting the items printed with your logo on it. However, if you do it yourself or get your graphic artist to allow you to save the image on your personal computer, you should be able to create your own items cheaply.

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