July 28, 2006

When A Business Post Card Is Needed

You may be getting many pieces of junk mail in your mailbox these days and be leery of sending out business mail for no reason. With the cost of postage rising all of the time, it is no wonder everyone is cutting back on their mail sending. However, there are certain times when it is necessary to send out business mailings. One of the cheapest ways to do this is via a business post card. You can send business post cards for much less than a brochure or tri fold flyer. So check into post card printing and get business post cards ready for you to mail out today. Check out these reasons many businesses choose to use a business post card.
The most popular reason for using a business post card is for when you are moving your business to a different location. Instead of spending money on the envelopes, paper, and increased postage it costs to send out an official letter telling your customers and clients your new address, you can instead send out a simple business post card for the task. Just include the fact that you are moving and your new address. Your clients will be most likely to read and save a business post card for future reference then they would a regular sized letter.
New Services
In addition to moving, many business owners will send out a business post card when they start offering a new service. You may have increased your existing services and want your clients to know about the changes taking place. A business post card is a great way to get the word out that you are offering something new or improved.
You can easily do post card printing yourself, if you like or you can get a local copy shop to do the printing for you. No matter which method of post card printing you choose to look into, you can guarantee your clients will pay attention to your cool business post cards and what they say. You will also save money due to the fact that it is much cheaper to send a post card than a regular sized letter. When you are only mailing one, the few cents in the difference might not make a big difference. But, if you are mailing thousands, it can really add up in the end.

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