June 22, 2006

Attract Attention with a Full Color Brochure

Using a full color brochure allows your message to stand out from the crowd and score crucial first impression points. With the widespread availability of high quality inexpensive color laser and inkjet printers, it is possible to run a full color brochure printing without having to hire the services of a commercial print shop.

Studies have shown, and common sense dictates, that people respond much more favorably to printed material that is in color than they do to similar material printed in black and white or grayscale. Information can be conveyed much more easily in a full color brochure because the color becomes another information element and allows key information to be offset or highlighted without wasting valuable brochure real estate with borders and callouts.

The price of quality color printers has decreased dramatically, and it is now possible to get a decent color printer for a couple of hundred dollars or less. This means that full color brochure printing is available to anyone. There are numerous software applications that will help you design and layout a full color brochure, and it is possible to create a good looking full color brochure in a couple of minutes.

If you are printing large numbers of full color brochures, then it might be necessary to considering using a professional printing service. Be sure to comparison shop and try to estimate the cost in both time and dollars it would take to run a full color brochure printing from your desktop (do not forget to figure in the price of ink) and compare that estimate with the amount charged by a print shop. No matter what choice you make, choosing to go with a full color brochure will pay dividends.

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