February 16, 2006

Postcards as a Marketing Tool

You might notice a few more postcards in your mailbox lately. Postcard marketing is gaining in popularity as it proves to be a cost effective way to get your message out.

To make postcard marketing as effective as possible, send them to targeted markets. If you just flood the neighborhood, you will be wasting money in postcards and postage. Use mailing list brokers if necessary.

The purpose of your postcard should be to obtain inquiries or advertise your website. You don't have much room, so get right to the point. State the major benefits for your clients. Motivate them to call or go to your website for more information. You can close the sale at this point.

In postcard marketing, timing is everything. Mondays tend to be the worst days for customers to receive your postcards. People are busy and won't take time to read your message. Postcard marketing is best planned for Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when there is less mail to compete with your postcards.

First class mail is worth the extra couple of pennies in postcard marketing. It generates a better reply rate. You'll also get undelivered postcards returned. This helps you adjust your mailing list.

In postcard marketing, simple postcards work as well as those with more costly graphics. Keep the message friendly. This makes it more likely that customers will read it.

Postcard marketing can be an effective tool to add to your marketing campaign. Try it the next time you want to advertise your product or services. Use these tips and see if this works for you.

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