February 8, 2006

Using Posters in Advertising

Posters have been used for centuries as an effective means of grabbing attention and evoking emotional responses. You can utilize this medium in your business, as well, by designing advertising posters that pack a punch and get customers interested in what you have to offer.

Posters are generally larger than 8 ½ x 11” and usually feature a number of graphic images, pictures, or photographs. The most successful posters are accessible and easy to comprehend. For maximum impact your poster should use large simple font so that the text will be easy to read from a distance. Make sure that your print stands out from your background or pictures. Arial is very easy to read and looks up to date. Courier is also easy to read but looks outdated.

Keep your poster simple, don’t clutter it up with too much information. The message should be concise, easy to understand and memorable. Your layout should be balanced and pleasing to the eye. Don’t try to do too much here, remember you are trying to get people interested in your company, the sales pitch happens later.

Complimentary colors seem to work best, but pay attention to the selection of your text color.
You'll want your words to stand out and be easy to read.

Studies have shown that you'll have about 3 seconds to catch your audience's attention, so include an eye-catching photography or catching advertising phrase.

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