January 24, 2006

Simple tips for brochure design

Many companies use brochures to promote their products and services. Making your brochure stand out from the crowd can be challenging. Here are some simple, easy to use tips to help your brochure get noticed.

Make your cover eye-catching and intriguing. Ask a question and put the answer on the inside of the brochure. Your reader will want to look inside for the answer. Use your cover to make a partial statement that is continued on the inside portion of the brochure. Readers will naturally want to complete the thought and finish the sentence. This will lead them into your brochure.

Color also attracts attention. You may not be able to afford full color, but using one primary color and a secondary accent color is very effective. Colors in the red family are particularly attention grabbing. If you don’t want to do two colors, try using a darker and lighter tone of the same color. This color scheme is comforting and attractive. Whatever you choose, don’t overdo it and create an overly busy, harsh layout.

Consider using a gate fold for an inviting brochure. A gate fold consists of a horizontally positioned paper with both ends folded in towards the middle. This fold creates an effect that mimics double doors and is sure to get your customer to see what’s inside.

Finally, make your brochures as professional looking as your budget allows. This is a prime opportunity for your company to convey a great image and inspire customer confidence, so be sure to take advantage of it. Spend a little extra on design and printing, its an investment in your company’s future!

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