January 21, 2006

Use Professional Stationery Design to Brand your Business

Professional stationery design may seem like a luxury to many small business owners, but it can be the difference between a professional and amateur image. Many small business owners simply type their name and address at the top of a sheet of copy paper, run it through the Xerox machine, and call it letterhead. Although this method is quick, easy and extremely inexpensive, the resulting product looks like every other small business owner’s handmade letterhead.

Professionally designed business stationery can make your company stand out from the crowd. After all, you want your customers to remember who you are, right? Why not provide them with a business image that is as polished and professional as your products and services. Creating visual impact and immediate recognition for your materials will foster a feeling of confidence in your customers and prospects. It will help your customers make your business their first choice.

Establishing a business image is important in building this sense of confidence and trust. Your customers are subtly receiving the message that you are a true professional and you take your business seriously.

Reinforcing this image with a consistent message is also important. Incorporate your stationery design in each communication with your customers. Make sure that your business cards, website, envelopes, newsletters, mailings and invoices all have consistent designs. Use your business stationery design in packaging your product. Consistent use of one printed image will help build your business brand, foster customer confidence, and make your business the one they think of the next time they need your product or service.

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