January 16, 2006

Logo Design Tips

Creating an image for your company is an important step in “branding,” or making your business easily recognizable. Logo design is an important step in this process. Here are several tips for creating an effective business logo.

Keep it simple. Don’t get too fancy. The key to great logo design is creating a memorable symbol for your company. You’ll want to use your logo on all of your corporate communications, and you may want to make it much larger or smaller, depending on the application. Simple logos are more memorable and easier to adapt.

Use a common font. With computerized graphics being so readily available, choosing a font that is included in the major graphics programs will make your logo easier to reproduce even if you decide to change printers. Fonts that are fairly common are also easier to read than custom designed ones.

Limit your colors. Don’t choose more than three colors. Your business may want to print the logo on a variety of mediums, and more colors are not always better on fabric, plastic and other items. Plus, some of your logos may need to be in black and white, like fax cover sheets. Use color to reinforce your image, not make it.

Use vector graphics. Your printer is familiar with this type of graphic. Vector graphics don’t lose sharpness or detail when enlarged or reduced, an important consideration if you’ll be using your logo on signs and business cards. Once you have a design, have a professional printer use Adobe Illustrator or a similar program to create it in vector graphics.

Your logo should be the most recognizable symbol of your company. By using these tips, you’ll be sure to develop an emblem that your customers will remember!

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