November 10, 2007

Using Booklet Printer Software for your Booklet Printing Needs

Booklet printing is different from printing other types of documents in that booklets are meant to be read in folded form and, therefore, the booklet printer must be able to place the images and text in such a way that they will make sense when the booklet is folded and bound. Professional booklet printer companies are often an option when you need booklet printing in bulk. However, the most common need for booklet printing occurs for smaller uses, such as for inclusion with information packets and for dispersal at trade shows and other events. In this case, it is often more cost effective to use booklet printer software. Booklet printer software has come a long way in the last several years, and it is now possible to perform high quality professional booklet printing from an average desktop PC. This article will review one of the many booklet printing software packages available.

Clickbook booklet printer software from Blue Squirrel, Inc is a fully functional booklet printing suite for Microsoft Windows based PCs. Clickbook does not require any special equipment and can perform high quality booklet printing using a standard inkjet or laser printer. Clickbook software allows users to perform booklet printing using any standard sized paper and has optimization logic that allows the user to use the booklet printer to print booklets using the least amount of paper possible. Clickbook software comes with a number of other features that are very helpful for booklet printing. The software is reasonably priced. More information is available on their web site at

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November 8, 2007

Product Brochure - Selling an Online Product

When creating a product brochure for an online company, you must know that there are thousands of potential customers that are very cautious about buying an item from and sending their credit card information to an unknown online store. This is one of the reasons why a printed product brochure can help your online store to succeed. An online company needs a product brochure for credibility, because people expect a legitimate company to have a product brochure. Having a printed product brochure is also time saving, allowing potential customers to take the product brochure home to read on their own time.

When designing a product brochure you must make the buyer feel as though they cannot live without your product. Whether you are selling computers or cat toys, you must remember that the first page of your product brochure is what will draw your buyers in. If you make the common mistake of loading the product brochure with technical jargon and long complicated model numbers you have as good as lost the sale. The object is to motivate the buyer with thought-provoking statements, and colorful item descriptions that tells the reader that there is something inside that they can't live without.

The first page of the product brochure should include the company name, at least one picture of the product, and a simple flattering description of product. On the inside of your product brochure you can use more precise product information and list the different types of the product. On the back page is a good place to put your ordering information, order form or website address.

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November 5, 2007

The Importance of Creating a Printed Product Sheet for your Hi-Tech Products

A printed product sheet is necessary for almost all products, but it is particularly important for high tech products and components that have a large number of technical components that must be communicated to the potential buyer. For instance, a typical computer component must let the customer know of such details as environmental tolerances (maximum operating temperature, humidity considerations, etc.), power consumption, inputs and outputs, and other technical minutia that are necessary but not likely to be selling points. A printed product sheet includes these extra details and should be combined with a product brochure or leaflet that serves as the initial attention getter.

A good printed data sheet serves both a marketing and information purpose. Since anyone who is reading a printed product sheet has already expressed an interest in the product, a printed product sheet should seek to hold the reader's attention by going into detail about the product's functioning. A typical product data sheet opens with textual and graphical information that describes the detailed operation of the product and might also contain paragraphs that describe potential uses of the product. The opening of the printed product sheet can also include detailed charts and graphs that give the reader information about the product's operation. The final part of the printed data sheet should list all of the important technical specifications, typically in tabular format.

A printed product sheet is useful for communicating necessary information to the customer that is not normally presented in an advertisement. It is the second level of communication with the customer, and the printed product sheet is often the decision maker for the consumer.

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November 3, 2007

Full Color Stationery

Nearly every business needs stationery. Some of that stationery can include letterhead, thank you cards, business cards, envelopes, etc. Since your letterhead and stationery is a direct reflection of you and your business, you want your business stationery to be just right. Business stationery is one way that you present your business and sell your merchandise or your services, so you must have quality business stationery.

One way to have quality business stationery is to have full color stationery. Full color stationery conveys an impression of a business that is doing well enough to afford the best. Whether you are very successful or not, having that full color business stationery is the answer to the question of how to make a good first impression on customers, whether they are potential customers or good customers that patronize your business repeatedly.

But what is full color stationery? When you say full color stationery, you are usually talking about four color printing. Four color printing is the best printing technique in the printing business. It is the one the produces the nice glossy colors we all admire.

In addition to choosing four color printing services, it is also a good idea to choose heavier stock paper for your full color business stationery. Heavier paper also conveys an image of success, and it makes people feel as though you care enough to spend money on quality paper, whether you actually do or not. Nice paper stock is just another way to make your business stationery more appealing to others.

One other important thing to remember when choosing your business stationery is to get full color envelopes to match. Envelopes are the right way to complete any business correspondence you send, because it shows that you care about the details, even the little ones. Business stationery and envelopes are the complete package.

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October 31, 2007

Create Your Own Email Business Stationary

Business stationary is ubiquitous within the business world. Creating documents on business stationary gives all of your correspondence a professional look and feel and, since almost all business stationary includes contact information, using business stationary ensures that your contact information is always available to the customer which encourages continued contact. However, more and more commercial communication takes place via email. Fortunately, it is possible to create business stationary for use in electronic communication so it is now possible to reap the full benefits of using business stationary combined with the convenience and cost effectiveness of using electronic communications.

The internet exists in a multitude of forms. Files are transferred using the file transfer protocol (FTP), access to remote terminals and online chat forums uses telnet and secure shell (SSH), and other communication protocols exist for other purposes. However, the internet has most impacted daily life with two particular technologies. The first is the world wide web, which uses a markup language called hypertext markup language (HTML) which allows documents to be formatted in a graphical manner. The other internet technology that has most impacted the world is electronic mail (email). With email, it has become possible to send text messages instantly and for virtually no cost. Email business stationary combines these two internet heavyweights by using HTML, with its ability to create well formatted and graphically enhanced documents, to sculpt electronic messages.

Most modern email programs allow users to send and receive HTML messages. To create email business stationary, it is necessary to simply create an HTML background and incorporate it into your message. Note that some email programs do not allow HTML formatting, so your business stationary might not be available to all readers.

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