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Tip of the Week

Make sure your photos are 300 dpi or better. What does that mean?

It means DON’T pull your photos off your website. Use the original photos from your digital camera, or scan color prints at the highest resolution your scanner will allow.

Warning: Low-Resolution Images Don't Print Well!

Many images, particularly 72dpi jpegs taken off the Internet, look jagged and blurry when printed on paper, especially glossy stock. Those images have already been reduced in resolution so they load fast on the internet, and you can’t go backwards to make a low resolution file into high resolution. You need to start with a high resolution file. For best results, we recommend that your images be at least 300dpi (dots per inch). The best thing to do is send us the original images from your digital camera.

To get good images from your digital camera, use the highest quality setting available on the camera.

"Five Strategies to Strengthen Your Relationship"

written by Susie and Otto Collins, Relationship Coaches

If there is any relationship advice that we would give to strengthen
your relationship with someone, it is to start paying attention to that

Focusing on your relationship, no matter what type it is, may take
several forms. Whether you need dating tips and dating advice or
marriage advice, any of these ideas should revitalize you and your
loved one's passion and friendship.

1. If you and your sweetheart desire to keep your relationship
growing and thriving, you have to make up your mind that the
relationship is vital in your life and give the relationship the time
and care it takes. It does not matter what words you and your
loved one say.Your actions are what speak the loudest.

Suggestion: Look at your reactions in you and your loved one's
relationship and be sure that your responses are consistent with
what you say your intentions are. Are you and your loved one
devoting enough time and enthusiasm pertaining to the relationship?
Are you and your loved one selecting romantic ideas to make
things more fun?

2. Consider exactly what you hold dear and adore concerning
the person rather than what you don't like. We honestly do generate
more of the things we concentrate on. If you and your loved one
would like to prevent jealousy, affairs, infidelity, and possibly
divorce, start spending your time on what is awesome in
you and your sweetheart's friendship and not on the unfavorable.

Suggestion: Stop as you begin to criticize your loved one, with words
or even in your mind. Turn your attention to what things you just like
about your loved one and start to find out how your relationship
gets better.

3. Demonstrate recognition for family and tell them you care about
them. You and your loved one could be thinking that you should say
"I'm thankful for you" and just have not taken the time or energy to
do it. We implore you to make a habit of voicing your appreciation.

Suggestion: Think of the things your loved one continually does
for you or what they mean to you and say a word of appreciation
about it to your loved one. An illustration can be something as simple
as "You have a beautiful face" or "I appreciate you putting the children
to bed."

4. Verbalize what you want. Just about all people desire those who
are in a relationship with them to know what's on their minds without
them telling it. If you are waiting for your family to be telekinetic, you
will have a terrible ride if you are in a relationship with them. If you
and your significant other expect your needs to be met, you have to
discuss with people what exactly these wishes have become.

Suggestion: Exactly what essentials have you been waiting to communicate
to another human? Whether it's to have more "out to dinner dates"
with your loved one, more romance, more help with household chores,
a move-up at the workplace, or a lunch date with a classmate, the only
way you will get any of these things is to ask.

5. Be prepared to take a chance giving all your heart, even if you have
had a romance that ended, and allow friends into your heart and soul.
It's possible to be in a bond with someone for a lot of years and still
not let them in because of the high wall erected to protect your heart
and soul.

Suggestion: Determine what walls you and your significant other have
built up to signal you want others out. Pick one relationship and begin
opening your heart to that human.

These relationship ideas are offered with the trust that you will apply
them to create relationships that are pleasurable, progressive and thriving.

For more information about relationships, visit

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