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Full Color 11 x 17 Brochure

An 11" x 17" full color brochure is a perfect way to showcase your products and services.

Because of the large size, the 11" x 17" size brochure is very popular. Select the 11” x 17” size brochure if you have several images or a large amount of text that will not fit on an 8 ½" x 11" size brochure.

Look down, towards the bottom of the page, for more advice and design tips on how to create a professional 11" x 17" brochure.

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Tips for Designing and Printing a Successful 11" x 17" Brochure
You always want to design and print brochures that will give prospects information about your company, products and the services you offer. Full color brochures are essential sales material; use them as direct mail brochures or hand out brochures to potential customers. 

The beauty of an 11" x 17" size sheet of paper is that it can take many forms. The number and types of folds selected in your layout will enable you to create a variety different looks. For instance, fold an 11" x 17" sheet in half and you have a terrific 4-page 8 ½" x 11" size brochure. Fold it again and you have a great 8 ½" x 5 ½" self mailer. For a unique look you can design your 11" x 17" brochure to be a tri-fold brochure. This unique look will make your company or product stand out from your competition.

What Size Is Right For You

While full color brochure printing can be done in almost any size, there are three standard sizes: 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14" and 11" x 17". Keep in mind, brochure sizes are measured with the brochure unfolded. If you have enough copy and very large images in your brochure design, you may want to consider the 11” x 17” size brochure. This page will concentrate on the popular 11" x 17" size brochures. If you are interested in an 8 ½" x 11" size brochure or an 8 ½" x 14" size brochure, click on their respected link.

Selecting the right size for your brochure design is based on content. Pick a size after you have a good sense of the copy, images and messages you want your brochure to communicate. The standard sized 8 ½" x 11" brochure will work great for most companies, but if you want to stand out from the masses and be noticed, the 11" x 17" would be an acceptable choice. The 11" x 17" brochure is a size that works just fine when used as a handout, as an insert into a presentation folder, as a brochure holder or as a multiple product brochure.

11" x 17" full color brochure printing works best if you really need to make your brochures stand out. Be sure to consider how your brochures will be presented. In some cases, an 11" x 17" brochure will require custom size or shape presentation folders, brochure holders or mailing envelopes.

What Type of Paper Stock Should I Use

The standard full color brochure printing paper stocks we offer for 11” x 17” brochures are 80# Gloss Text, 100# Gloss Text, 80# Gloss Cover and 70# uncoated offset stock. The term 80# or 100# simply refers to the "weight" of the paper stock. Obviously 80# paper stock is lighter than 100# paper stock. Just click the different paper options that we have listed above on the pricing worksheet calculator to see how these different paper choices will affect your total cost.

Keep in mind, text paper stock is less opaque than cover stock. This means that a 80# text stock is easier to see through than 80# cover stock. We suggest 80# cover stock if your brochure design includes a lot of text or large images on either side of the brochure. The heavier, less opaque cover stock will reduce “Show Through” and provide a more professional appearance for your full color brochure printing project.

Also, you may want to keep in mind, the cover weight paper will typically increase your overall printing costs, but will not add to your turnaround time. To see how the prices will change, please refer to the paper choice options above. Simple select the different paper options and see how this will affect your total price on the our free, order total calculator.

Folding Options

Should I use a tri-fold, half fold, half an half fold again, or no folds? With so many fold options it can be hard to decide which fold option is right for you. Just remember, when it comes to making your decision about full color brochure printing folds, ask yourself these three simple questions:

  • First, will a fold “pull” viewers into the brochure?
  • Second, will folds split your messages well?
  • Third, does your message work without folds?

Once you have the answers to those three questions, you're ready to design an effective 11" x 17" size brochure.

Printing Advice For Your 11" x 17" Brochure

Most color brochures are printed in full color (4 color process printing). However, we also offer black, one color, and two color printing as well. The second side can be ordered blank, or printed with black ink, one color printing or two color printing or also full color printing.

It is true, not all full color brochure printing is the same. You have to factor in the fact that everyone is using, different software, different presses, different quality paper and different skill levels of the pressman that are running the press. offers the quality equipment that is maintained and operated by the best pressmen in the industry that have years and years of experience.

But keep in mind, even with high printing quality standards such as ours, the overal look of your brochure depends upon a good brochure design. Make certain that you use high resolution images to get optimal printing results. We also offer the option of adding a varnish coating to your 11" x 17" brochure. Varnish is a liquid coating that is applied to the paper for both protection and appearance. It is great for giving your 11" x 17" brochure an extra layer of protection and also adds that "professional" look to your piece.

It is true that at times, brochure design can be a bit overwhelming. If you need additional help or are looking for more brochure ideas, please refer back to the Main Brochure Page for information on designing your own unique 11" x 17" size brochure. Customer education is one of the things we pride ourselves on, and we will do what it takes to make sure you produce the best quality brochure possible. Think of as your full color brochure design and printing professionals.

Our quality printing methods are high quality, fast and affordable. We urge you to compare our quality and pricing to any other company.

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