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Tip of the Week

Make sure your photos are 300 dpi or better. What does that mean?

It means DON’T pull your photos off your website. Use the original photos from your digital camera, or scan color prints at the highest resolution your scanner will allow.

Warning: Low-Resolution Images Don't Print Well!

Many images, particularly 72dpi jpegs taken off the Internet, look jagged and blurry when printed on paper, especially glossy stock. Those images have already been reduced in resolution so they load fast on the internet, and you can’t go backwards to make a low resolution file into high resolution. You need to start with a high resolution file. For best results, we recommend that your images be at least 300dpi (dots per inch). The best thing to do is send us the original images from your digital camera.

To get good images from your digital camera, use the highest quality setting available on the camera.


Searching for Adirondack furniture?  Check out the fantastic selection at Adirondack Chairs Store!

The perfect array of Adirondack chairs online!

So you're going to buy some Adirondack furniture to put with your current garden furniture collection.  If you've never purchased Adirondack chairs previously here's a list of items you should to look over.  

The awesome thing about Adirondack chairs is that they're genuinely one of the most comfortable garden furniture you can invest in.  With the inclined seat and great arms that goes hand in hand with the Adirondack chair styling, relaxation is pretty much guaranteed.  Can you imagine yourself simmering down after a long days work in your special Adirondack chair along with your Sprite placed on top of the armrest?  

You will find plenty of Adirondack chair styles purchasable today.  In contrast with the beginning Adirondack chairs that existed, you will find plastic Adirondack chairs constructed from reused milk gallons or resin.  A great deal of individuals maintain resin chairs could be flimsy and cheap but it's just the opposite. Instead of seeing resin furniture travelling all over the place with the smallest gust of wind, know that plastic Adirondack chairs weigh in at the smallest forty pounds for each one and many of them are up to fifty pounds.  What characteristics make resin chairs so desireable and certainly one of the fastest growing trends in garden furniture is that there's not much needed to maintain them as there is no need to stain or paint or apply a new finish every season.  The colouration of hard plastic Adirondack chairs is diffused throughout and is basically created to look like genuine wood.  Although you'll be able to see the difference of actual wood to the touch, with resin furniture you have the perks of the appearance of genuine wood but not having the maintenance issues that go along with natural wood.

The initial colors of Adirondack furniture were brown and green.  Presently you can come upon painted Adirondack chairs in a broad range of some of the most enticing looking shades to the old-time tones like bright red or white.  In addition to painted Adirondack chairs, you can add a splash of color to an otherwise monotonous terrace.  And along with the fantastic color options feasible you can have several pieces of your Adirondack chairs stained one hue and the other Adirondack chairs dyed in still another color.  No matter what you do, you are free to make them your own personal style.  

Not all wood furniture should be colored and you might want to keep that in mind.  Take for instance, a teak Adirondack chair.  It's recommended that teakwood should not be painted because of the oil in the teak wood that makes it so the paint doesn't adhere well. After all why would you want to cover an Adirondack teak chair anyhow?  It's one of the gorgeous makes of wood available that ripens attractively over the years and is an excellent purchase.  If you want to paint or stain your Adirondack chairs, then you ought to look into attaining some cedar Adirondack chairs.  With cedar, you'll likely find a heavy duty wood that will naturally resist rot and is great to look at if left in its natural state or stained or painted.

Something else you should think through as you are buying Adirondack chairs is whether or not you will need to keep it outdoors year round. You would be astounded that some of the chairs have the durability to be left outside and the weather won't affect Adirondack chairs.  That is the reason the furniture is called Adirondack all weather furniture.  Nevertheless, another alternative that offers you the added benefit of storing in the off season along with preserving your furniture from inclement weather is a some quality folding Adirondack chairs.  You will not notice a difference in the cosiness or quality even though they fold up, you simply gain an extra option by paying a few extra dollars than an Adirondack chair that won't fold up.  

As you have your Adirondack reclining chair style decided on, you might consider Adirondack chair cushions to include an extra splash of color and relaxation.  You ought to likewise contemplate supplementing to your Adirondack furniture and additional patio chairs a garden bench or two, and perhaps even a porch swing or outdoor rocking chairs.  Much to your astonishment, you'll come upon these types of furniture in the Adirondack reclining furniture styling also.  And, we also have a large variety of outdoor tables that complete your ensemble of garden furniture.  

The simple fact remains that it does not matter what style of Adirondack furniture you wish for, you can pretty much be assured you should stumble upon the most suitable adirondack chair for your outdoor living space.  Realize, these chairs are cosy so you have that big obstacle out of your way.  Now all you have to do is select how many, what style, what type and what tint.  Isn't it tremendous to realize you have several alternatives and that you can't go wrong when you buy Adirondack furniture for your outdoor living space?

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