January 26, 2007

How to Create a Letterhead Design

When creating a letterhead design it is important to decide if you want to design it from scratch or use a template. The letterhead design you use depends on what message you want to convey, so the layout of the design is important. The most common letterhead sample layout is centered alignment with a graphic or picture. Some programs for the computer have ready-made letterhead design templates. By using a template to choose a letterhead sample closest to what you want to achieve you can save time.

There are two main types of letterheads, personal and business. For personal letterhead it is important to include your name. You can also add your address and phone number on your letterhead design, or include your cell phone number and email address. You can add a picture or graphic for a funky, personal touch on your letterhead design or leave it clean and simple for a more formal approach. When choosing color make sure it isn't too bright and overwhelming–instead choose a neutral color that will make the letterhead design eye catching and memorable.

For a business letterhead design you should always include your name, company name address and telephone number. Whether or not you want to include your business title on the letterhead design is entirely up to you. You should steer away from bold, loud pictures or text on the letterhead design unless it is a logo. When using the logo make sure you don't make the logo so big on the letterhead design that it overwhelms the actual letter. The main trick in letterhead design whether business or personal, is to keep it simple and do not over clutter the letterhead design.

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