November 21, 2006

Full Color Brochure Printing

Full color brochure printing is a great way to communicate with your customer while informing them of your new products and services and enticing them with a discount. Brochures easily fit into a size 10 envelope. With a hole punch and a rubber band, they hang on doorknobs. And of course, they nicely decorate the front counter by the register of local merchants as well as your own store.

A bulk printing of full color brochures will drop the price per piece considerably. Though full color prints are more expensive than simple black and white, the value of grabbing the attention of your customers with multi colored graphics, fonts, and headlines does not have a price. The professional look alone will warrant you the clientele willing to pay enough for your products and services to offset the costs.

How-to articles, letters of appreciation from other customers, expert insider information, and in depth historical or up to the minute information on the goings on of your industry all of these will serve to engage your customer and turn them in your direction when they are next prepared to make a purchase.

Creativity is the name of the game in advertising and with a bulk or wholesale full color brochure printing, you have a great opportunity. Enjoy yourself and let the brochure not only represent you and what your business has to offer but the style and personality with which you will offer it. Use sepia tones for an antique store or an elegant establishment. Use red as a highlighting color against grey tones to draw attention to particular details. Use animation for a children's day care or photos of the children who attend.

Double check the copy for mistakes before you send it to press to make sure you're sending all your customers to the right address!

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