June 19, 2006

Create Your Own Email Business Stationary

Business stationary is ubiquitous within the business world. Creating documents on business stationary gives all of your correspondence a professional look and feel and, since almost all business stationary includes contact information, using business stationary ensures that your contact information is always available to the customer which encourages continued contact. However, more and more commercial communication takes place via email. Fortunately, it is possible to create business stationary for use in electronic communication so it is now possible to reap the full benefits of using business stationary combined with the convenience and cost effectiveness of using electronic communications.

The internet exists in a multitude of forms. Files are transferred using the file transfer protocol (FTP), access to remote terminals and online chat forums uses telnet and secure shell (SSH), and other communication protocols exist for other purposes. However, the internet has most impacted daily life with two particular technologies. The first is the world wide web, which uses a markup language called hypertext markup language (HTML) which allows documents to be formatted in a graphical manner. The other internet technology that has most impacted the world is electronic mail (email). With email, it has become possible to send text messages instantly and for virtually no cost. Email business stationary combines these two internet heavyweights by using HTML, with its ability to create well formatted and graphically enhanced documents, to sculpt electronic messages.

Most modern email programs allow users to send and receive HTML messages. To create email business stationary, it is necessary to simply create an HTML background and incorporate it into your message. Note that some email programs do not allow HTML formatting, so your business stationary might not be available to all readers.

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