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Choose from 3 different sizes - Small (5.5" x 4.25"), Large (8.5" x 5.5"), and Jumbo (11" x 5.5"). All postcards are printed on 10 Point C1S stock. (C1S means coated or glossy front and uncoated back for easy printing of addresses.)

We can either print the postcards and ship them to you for you to mail, or we can handle the entire process of printing and mailing. All pricing includes typesetting your return address and postal indicia (if you have one). Note the least costly to mail are the small postcards. However, the Large or Jumbo sizes stand out in the recipient's mailbox and have a much better chance of getting their attention.

If you want us to mail for you, we will use our postal indicia to ensure you get the best possible postage prices. If we mail for you, be sure to upload your mailing list on the order form below. If you do not have a multiple use mailing list, we recommend using our Pre-Foreclosure Mailing List, which is a list of mortgage holders who are at least 60 days overdue on their mortgage. Statistically, a large percentage of people over 60 days end up in foreclosure.  Mailing to these people will give you an opportunity to help them prior to foreclosure.

Postcard Pricing
Print & Ship to You Print & Mail (Includes Postage)
  Using Your List
Does not include S&H   Small Large Jumbo
1,000 $0.125 each 500 $0.79 each $.89 each $.98 each
2,500 $0.075 each 1,000 $0.69 each $.79 each $.87 each
5,000 $0.049 each 2,500 $0.59 each $.69 each $.74 each
10,000 $0.043 each 5,000 $0.55 each $.65 each $.71 each
    10,000 $0.38 each $.45 each $.50 each

A Note about Postage Rates and Delivery Times

Prices above show the cost to mail our small postcards using first class presort, which is the fastest delivery method, and for the small postcards, the cheapest. You can expect the postcards to arrive in mailboxes from 1-7 days from the time we drop them at the St. Louis post office.

When mailing the large and jumbo-sized postcards, postage is far cheaper when using standard rate (formerly called bulk rate) postage. However delivery times when using standard postage are far longer - usually 2-4 weeks from drop date. The post office gives you a discount in exchange for the right to take their time when delivering. We have no control over delivery time once we drop the mail. If you have a specific deadline you are trying to meet, we do not recommend using standard mail postage.

The prices we show on the order page are for the cheapest postal rate given the size of the postcard. (first class presort for small and standard presort for large and jumbo) If you would like to mail the larger sized postcards using first class presort, just call us and we will give you the best price we can for that service given your situation.

To Order
Click on Order Now at the left, and you will be directed to our shopping cart page. Select the items you want in the shopping cart, and fill out the imprint information at the bottom of the shopping cart (imprint information is only necessary if you are ordering business cards or postcards).

Sign orders will ship out within 2 business days of your order. All other items take 5-7 business days. For business cards and postcards, you will receive a proof via email in 1-2 business days, and production will follow proof approval in 3-5 additional business days.

All orders are shipped FedEx Ground.

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