October 21, 2007

Planning Your Trifold Business Brochure

Let's face it-your business brochure is one of the most important pieces of business communication that you have. It is the way to sell yourself and your company to draw in customers and make them take positive notice of the services your business offers.

There are many things to take into consideration when trying to decide how to have the best business brochure. For instance, are you going to go with a full color brochure, or one that is simpler and has one color along with your text? Are you going to have a brochure that is a single sheet, a trifold brochure or one that has several pages to it? What kind of information do you want to include, and what types of things about your business do you want to highlight to grab the attention of potential customers?

Although these decisions can be a headache, it is important to make the best choices for your company. A trifold brochure is one of the most popular business brochures. It provides you with the opportunity to present fairly detailed information about your business, yet not overload the customer with too much information.

There is a formula to trifold brochures, and any good printing service will be able to tell you what kind of information to include on each panel of the trifold brochure. For instance, you want to put very important information on the inside of the front panel, and nothing but contact information on the back cover panel. Any reputable printer should be able to help you decide what type and how much information to place on every panel of the trifold brochure to make the maximum impact. Many trifold brochure printing services will also make and print a sample trifold brochure for your approval before making a full print order.

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