July 17, 2007

Tri Fold Brochure Printing

Tri fold brochure printing refers to the method of advertising in which brochures are used. Six panels are on each brochure with two folds in the paper. Unfolded, the brochure is the same size as a regular 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Folded, the tri fold brochure can easily fit into a size 10 envelope.

Whether you choose to display tri fold brochures on the front counter of your store or mail them out to prospective clients, they are a great way to communicate information about your business in an eye catching way. There is plenty of room for graphics, headlines, and a fair amount of information.

You can use all this space to offer a variety of things to your current and potential customers. Showcase complementary options side by side to demonstrate the potential of a full system. Offer a price menu of your services with descriptive details. Describe the evolution of your business if changes have been made or include a history of the industry to illustrate your niche. Anything in your tri fold brochure should illuminate your products and services to their customer and entice them to visit your store or website.

No matter what information you choose to fill your tri fold brochure with, make sure that you print your full contact information. Include:

* Street address
* Directions
* Website address
* Phone number
* Email address
* Hours of operation
* 1-800 customer service number
* Logo
* Slogan

All the information necessary to locate you and procure your services should be included. Answer as many questions as you possibly can on the brochure so that there are fewer obstacles between them and a purchase. Include an incentive like a coupon or discount as well. Used correctly, a tri fold brochure is a great marketing tool.

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