December 31, 2006

Letterhead Graphic

Letterhead graphics are the pictures that you choose to symbolize and stand for your business and the style with which you deliver your services. With your choice of size, color, and picture you can relate to the public things like your personality and style as well as the focus and mission of your company.

What message do you want to convey? Is the name of your business a little obscure, for example? If you run a clothing store called Frequency, you may want your letterhead graphic to further define the scope of your business. You might choose a dancing dress and high heels or overalls and frilly dress if it's children's clothes. If it's a classy clothing store, then your graphics may use thin sleek lines like a fashion sketch. A children's clothing store may use bright colors like blue and red to communicate fun and happiness.

Do you want your logo to exude excitement and or cutting edge technology? Your letterhead graphic can come in handy to help you create a mood and an expectation before your customer even checks out what you have to offer.

If you do event planning for weddings, then your letterhead graphics might use calligraphy or a multiple tiered wedding cake, perhaps two swans intertwined will convey the class that you will bring to the occasion. If you design software or fix computers, your letterhead graphic may be futuristic in style, denoting that you and your company are in the know when it comes to all the latest gadgets and software.

Creating your letterhead graphic can be one of the more fun, expressive parts of getting your business market ready. Use your imagination and the special touch you bring to the industry that no other company can match. With the right focus, your letterhead graphic can help define your business without words.

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