April 6, 2006

Need A Smaller Quantity In full Color? Consider Digital.

Do you have a need for a small number of a full color printed brochure but do not want to pay the cost to print it on an offset press?  Then you should consider using a digital press or digitial copier.  Not only will you get pleasing quality and color, but the cost is pleasing as well.

The reason we can achieve this is becuase we can print right from your file and do not have to worry about press set up, plates, film, proofs, ink, wasted paper, you name it.  If you want 50 sheets, then you get 50 sheets.  It is that simple.  And like offset printing, every sheet that comes off of the digital machine looks as good as the original, unlike making copies, which can degrade quality.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes we need to make copies and they can do just fine, but the real strength about printing right from the file is the top notch quality that can be achieved over copies.

As far as price is concened, you can get digital printed sheets for as little as $.14 each sometimes.  Even if you had to pay $1.00 per sheet, on 100 sheets you only are out $100.  Try to get that rate on an offset press for that low of a quantity.  Not going to happen!  You would be looking more at $300-500 depending on the market.

Food for thought…


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