February 12, 2006

Savvy Salespeople are Finding Creative Ways to Market with Business Cards

Since business cards have become easy to purchase and even to make at home, it has become difficult for one business card to stand out from the rest. However, some savvy salespeople have found creative ways to use business cards to market their businesses. The goal is to get people to look at the card without thinking that they are making an effort by simply going over name, address, phone number over and over.

One marketing strategy that works especially well with clients who are sports fans is to put the schedule of a team on the back of the business card. States that are very sports involved will find this strategy most effective. Printing a schedule on the back of a card encourages people to look at the card more often, which means looking at the name of the business more often.

Another way to market using business cards is by making the card a tool. Letter and bottle openers are popular. The potential client will probably use the tool each day, and think of the business that is advertised on it each time, unintentionally! So say that a real estate agent distributes business card letter openers – when a potential buyer finally does think about getting a new home, this agent’s name will immediately pop into her head.

Some businesses also send out V-cards through email, which are electronic business cards that are automatically added to a potential client’s address book when he or she clicks on the card.

Perhaps the most innovative way that business cards are being used these days is by making them into a portfolio. There are now companies online that make business card sized CD-ROM disks that can be put in any computer, which hold enough information for an artist, designer, writer, or business person to showcase his or her work or statistics. Since CD-ROM cards are still quite rare, people are more likely to pop a disk into their computer out of curiosity.

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