February 1, 2006

Business Envelopes: An often overlooked resource

Many business owners overlook the importance of their business envelopes. After all, the important information is on the inside, right? Getting your prospects and customers to look inside the envelope is the most important aspect of your business mailings, and your business envelopes can help.

Of course, your business envelopes must be functional. They need to transmit the information that you’re mailing, but since you have to use them anyway, make sure that they perform the following two important functions.

First, make sure that they uphold and enhance your company’s professional image. Each communication should be professional and incorporate your company’s “branding.” If your printed materials all feature one specific color or font, make sure that your envelopes continue to promote that image. This makes your mailings recognizable and helps you to present a consistent image to your customers.

Secondly, make sure that your envelopes entice your customers and prospects to review the information inside. One technique is to make your envelope a mini billboard for your product. Use a “teaser” of a statement designed to catch your customer’s interest and get them to open your mailing. Remember, your envelope is competing with everything else they receive in the mail for attention. Make it interesting enough to entice them to open it.

Business envelopes are a necessary part of any office supply budget. Making your envelopes work for you by upholding and enhancing your company’s image or getting your customer interested in your offer will allow you to get the most of your office supply dollars!

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